Our advice, whether over the telephone or in writing, is available for free. This service is necessarily limited: appointments are strictly limited to 15 minutes.

The paid for service is intended primarily for leasehold professionals. However, if you are a non-professional and you feel your enquiry really cannot wait, you can book a fast track appointment through this service.

Please note that at the time of your telephone appointment you will need to call us – we will not be calling you.

To book advice, start by selecting a date from the table below.

Choose a date for your appointment
Slot_DateAvailable Dates   Free Telephone AdvicePaid Telephone Advice (£45+VAT)Paid Written Advice (£90+VAT)
2017-04-28Friday, 28 Apr062 
2017-05-02Tuesday, 02 May072 
2017-05-03Wednesday, 03 May070  
2017-05-04Thursday, 04 May072 
2017-05-05Friday, 05 May072 
2017-05-08Monday, 08 May472
2017-05-09Tuesday, 09 May5572
2017-05-10Wednesday, 10 May6270 
2017-05-11Thursday, 11 May6472
2017-05-12Friday, 12 May6472
2017-05-15Monday, 15 May5782
2017-05-16Tuesday, 16 May4452
2017-05-17Wednesday, 17 May6282
2017-05-18Thursday, 18 May6282
2017-05-19Friday, 19 May6282
Free Written Advice
Complete Enquiry form - we aim to respond within 15 working days

If you would like to post us a letter our postal address is Fleetbank House, 2-6 Salisbury Square, London, EC4Y 8JX.


1. Free advice service

Appointments times are limited. If you fail to take up your appointment, you are effectively preventing someone else from receiving valuable advice. If you make an appointment, please do try and keep it - or at least, let us know if you are unable to do so, so that we can reallocate that time to someone else.

If your enquiry cannot be dealt with over the phone 15 minutes, or you want specific detailed advice, you may wish to consider the written advice service. We aim to respond to 75% of all written enquiries within 10 working days.
2. Paid-for advice service

By making a booking for paid advice you are agreeing to our terms and conditions.

Paid telephone advice appointments are limited to 20 minutes, and paid written advice is limited to 40 minutes. We will let you know if we require more time to complete the advice.

Payment is made online with a credit or debit card. Regular users should consider becoming a subscriber.

If you have difficulty booking an appointment, you can telephone us on 020 7832 2500 to book an appointment over the phone. Please note, however, that at busy times, there can be a substantial waiting time.

Alternatively, you could refer to our directory for practitioners in your area who might be able to help you.